Casino Night

Charity Casino Night

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation was founded on a charity casino model dating back to early 1980’s. With over 30 years of experience in the gaming entertainment industry, we are able to support your organization in creating a casino theme event.

In order for Great Canadian to support and host the charity casino night portion of the evening, the following provisions need to be fulfilled:

Your charitable or community organization must obtain an appropriate gaming license through the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch. For a full breakdown of GPEB licensing provisions and applications, please visit this link for more info.

Please note that there are primarily two options for structuring a charity casino night which might impact your gaming license.

  1. Option 1: Charge for play. This option refers to having your guests pay and obtain a certain amount of funny money or value chips to play with. The money is a donation to the charity while the players compete for the top three spots where the chip leaders receive non-cash prizes.
  2. Option 2: Do not charge for play. This option refers to having the guests not pay for play. Value chips or funny money is given to the guest without a charge.
  3. The GPEB license for your event must be submitted to Great Canadian two weeks prior to date of your event.

Upon successful receipt of a gaming license, Great Canadian will provide the following:

  1. 1. Four Blackjack tables
  2. 2. Professional dealers dressed in uniform for a period of four hours
  3. 3. Cards, chips and necessary gaming equipment
  4. 4. Chairs (if required)

Please note that transportation for the above mentioned items will need to be procured by the organizer of the event.

To learn more please send an email to: