This user manual is a hands-on guide that describes how to sign up for online/mobile Work Schedule Viewer and view your work schedule.

Work Schedule Viewer allows you to view your work schedule online or using your smart phone.  Note, that table game employees will able to view confirmed schedules for the next 4 days.  All other employees will be able to view schedules for the next 14 days as long as your shift manager entered it into Kronos.

If your shift gets modified, you will receive email notification to the email used to sign up for online Work Schedule Viewer.

Note, that GCGC is not supporting your home computers and mobile devices.  If you have any questions about your schedule accuracy please contact your shift manager.

How to Access Work Schedule Viewer Online

To access the Schedule Viewer website, click here:


Before you can log into the viewer you need to register.  Click “Employee Register” and enter the following information:

  1. Employee ID – your Employee Number.
  2. Birthday
  3. Email – frequently check email.  This email address will be used to send you notifications if your work schedule changes.
  4. Password – select a password at least 6 characters long
  5. Click Register

Next screen is optional.  If you have Facebook account and want to use Facebook login information to access your Schedule Viewer, click Login With Facebook.  If you don’t want to login using Facebook login, click No Thanks.

If you clicked No Thanks, your work schedule will be displayed:

If you clicked Login With Facebook, Click Okay when it asks for permission:

Forgot Your Password

If you forgot your password, click Forgot your Password.  System will ask you to confirm your Employee ID, birthday and email and select new password.

Viewing Your Work Schedule

Once you’ve registered and logged in, you will see your schedule.  Schedules are shown by the week. How many hours you work this week is displayed in the top left. The last time the schedule was updated is also indicated here.

Today’s date is marked in green. Even if you scroll forward/back in time, you can click “Today” to return to the current week.  Regular shifts are shown in green, and transfer shifts are shown in orange.

You can click on a shift to view details such as time, location, department, job and shift type. Click “Close” to return to your schedule.

When you click on the shift the following Shift Details page will be displayed:

Schedule Changes

You will be notified by email about any changes to the schedule.  This is why it’s important to provide a valid, frequently checked email!

Exporting Your Schedule

Clicking the Export button will create a file that you can import into your calendar on your phone or desktop.  Schedule Viewer is optimized for mobile, so you can always check it on your smartphone.

Logging Out

To log out, click the “Log Out” button.