Great Canadian Named Executives Adopt Automatic Securities Disposition and/or Purchase Plans

November 6, 2015 – Richmond, BC – Great Canadian Gaming Corporation [TSX:GC] (“Great Canadian” or the “Company”) announced today that the following Named Executives, have each adopted automatic securities disposition and/or purchase plans (“Automatic Plans”) in accordance with guidance under Ontario Securities Commission Staff Notice 55‐701 (the “Guidance”), and the Company’s Insider trading policies.

Canadian securities legislation permits the Named Executives to adopt written Automatic Plans to sell, purchase or otherwise transfer shares in the future (including upon exercise of stock options) according to the Automatic Plan on an automatic basis regardless of any subsequent material non‐public information they receive. Once an Automatic Plan is established, the Named Executive is not permitted to exercise any further discretion or influence over how dispositions or purchases will occur under the Automatic Plan.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the Guidance, the Company has in place additional measures that are designed to follow “best practices” related to such Automatic Plans. These measures include: (i) Automatic Plans may only be adopted by Named Executives during a trading window; (ii) a waiting period of 30 calendar days is required between the adoption of the Automatic Plan and the first disposition or purchase under the Automatic Plan; (iii) the Automatic Plan must contain meaningful restrictions on the ability of the Named Executive to modify or terminate the Automatic Plan; and (iv) all Named Executives must use an independent broker to administer their Automatic Plans, meaning that the brokerage accounts established for that Insider’s Automatic Plans must be administered by a broker with no prior relationship with that Insider.

For planning reasons associated with the possible changes to the tax treatment of stock options, the following Named Executive Officers intend to sell sufficient shares acquired from exercising the following stock options in order to fund the payment of the exercise price and all related taxes. The Named Executive Officers have indicated that they will hold the balance of the shares for an extended period of time and in the case of the President and CEO, the CFO and the COO, that commitment period would be a minimum of three years. For the remaining Named Executives, that period would be a minimum of the otherwise remaining duration of the options exercised which is primarily between 1 to 2 years.