Due to COVID 19 measures our properties are temporarily closed, subsequently we are not currently taking sponsorship requests. 


Sponsorship Criteria:

At the start of the year, each of our properties explores opportunities to provide meaningful support to their local communities. Each property is also challenged to make an impact on as many charities, non-profit groups and community associations as they can-whether that is making a donation, providing a sponsorship or engaging in various volunteer opportunities.

With our different resources we work to empower individuals and organizations that effect positive change within the communities that we serve. This can take shape in many ways but there are some common principles we look for in a charitable organization:

We strive for partnerships with groups and organizations, rather than a sponsorship. Ultimately, what we feel is most meaningful is when a healthy and active relationship is developed and maintained between two parties.

We value the breadth and depth of work an organization conducts, as well as the diversity of programs they offer in support of their community.

Additionally, we expect the services an organization supports to provide real, tangible outcomes that make a difference in their communities.

We also expect groups and organizations to employ sound financial practices and sustainable funding tactics.

We encourage registered charities and non-profit organizations to contact us if they feel they are consistent with these principles, but regrettably we cannot support religious, political or advocacy groups, individual funding pursuits, or organizations that are inconsistent with our values.